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Meet Melodie

"Civic involvement is the vehicle by which we can create change in our community."  ~ Melodie


Melodie Moore is a passionate advocate with a heart to serve! She is a 29+ year resident of The Village, a wife of 32+ years and a mother of two adult children. She and her husband raised those children in The Village. When her children entered school, she volunteered and substituted in their schools. After the children got older, she reentered the workforce in the banking industry where she has worked in finance for over a decade.

Melodie and her husband are both military veterans serving in the U.S. Airforce and U.S. Army. As such and along with being good citizens, they trained their children the importance of civic involvement. 

She has also volunteered on multiple political campaigns for various candidates in our community over the years. Melodie and her husband, enjoy yard work together during the warm months. Melodie has begun weight training in the last year realizing the importance of healthy bodies and minds and the need for all citizens of The Village to have access to services and facilities that provide these things.

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